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The Armoury (also known as the Armour Gallery) is a corridor adjacent to the Trophy Room. There are a bunch of suits of armor on the exhibition in this corridor.
Charms Classroom
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This classroom is where Charms classes are taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The classroom has four long, large desks that are built like stairs, and are located on both sides of the classroom. There is also a large fireplace in the room, as well as several stacks of books.
Clock Tower Entrance
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This is one of the three main entrances of Hogwarts Castle. It consists of a large open space at the base of the Clock Tower with two stairwells going up towards the upper levels of the tower. Opposite the main entrance, there is a large window. The massive pendulum of the Clock swings over this entrance. The entrance can be sealed with a portcullis and the massive double doors can be locked with numerous bolts.
Headmaster's Office
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The Headmaster's office is the office in Hogwarts Castle in which the current headmasters or headmistresses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry work during the school year. It is located in the Headmaster's Tower, accessed through the Gargoyle Corridor.

It is reached by means of a circular, moving stone staircase, which in turn is concealed by a gargoyle on the third floor. The gargoyle will step aside in response to a password, though the headmaster is capable of overriding the password if, for any reason, he or she desires that it will not work
Third Floor
The third floor might as well be known as the 'Dust Floor' because it has the ability to collect dust faster than the others. You might end up on this floor to dust the cobwebs for your detention.
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